Visitor Management System for Manufacturing Facilities

Keep your facility safe and compliant with automated visitor check-in.

Do you have complex visitor security requirements in your manufacturing facility? For example, you may have multiple entrances to your building. You may require your visitors to watch safety videos and sign legal agreements. Or, you may be required by law to ensure that certain types of visitors are prohibited from entering your plant.

Whatever your requirements, the Receptionist for iPad provides a simple automated check-in system to keep your facility safe and compliant.

Some of the manufacturing companies using The Receptionist for iPad:

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Know who’s in your building at all times — for your safety and for theirs

Real-time digital visitor log

Record visitors’ names, photos, sign-in and sign-out times, and more in a secure visitor log you can access from any Internet-connected device.

Safety videos and legal agreements

Have visitors watch safety videos and sign NDAs or other legal agreements, right in the app.

Visitor evacuation list

Access a live log of currently checked-in visitors so you can confirm their safety in case of an emergency.

Multiple instances at a single location

Place an iPad at every entrance to your building. There’s no extra charge for multiple instances of The Receptionist at the same physical location.

Visitor badges with photos

Print customized visitor badges with photos for extra security.


Stay compliant with industry standards and regulations

ITAR compliance

Verify the citizenship of anyone who has access to defense-related sensitive information.

FSMA compliance

Track visitor and delivery driver information, and implement a check-in/check-out procedure to comply with the FDA’s Food Defense Rule.

C-TPAT compliance

Implement visitor management best practices to ensure security across your supply chain.

ISO certification

Demonstrate that your visitor information is secure and that your visitor records meet ISO documentation requirements.


Streamline your operations and free up your staff

Notifications on your cellphone

Get notifications straight to your phone, via email, text message, or Slack, so you don’t have to be at your desk when visitors arrive.

Easy setup and implementation

Be up and running quickly with a Receptionist in a Box, a turnkey solution that includes all of the hardware and software you need to start accepting visitors.

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