How To Set Up Your Team on The iPad Receptionist

When visitors arrive to the office they will check in using an iPad that has The iPad Receptionist software installed. Each contact in your office can choose how they want to receive visitor notifications — by email, text, and/or Slack. This post explains how to set up your team to start using The iPad Receptionist.

Step 1: Gather contact information

Here’s what you’ll need from each contact.

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Cellphone number
  • Notification preference: email, text message, and/or Slack
  • Preferred backup contact (i.e., who to notify if the primary contact is busy)

Step 2: Configure your contacts

Find full instructions for configuring your contacts here, under “Configuring Contacts.” Below are a few extra tips for getting everything set up.

Notification preferences

Your contacts can choose to be notified by email, text message, and/or Slack.

  • Text notifications. Text notifications will come from a number specific to your account. Each contact can customize their response back to the iPad and their visitors.
  • Email notifications. Emails can be “canned” or customized responses.
  • Slack notifications. Slack notifications come through the SlackBot channel and, just like email and text messages, allow contacts and visitors to have two-way communications. Learn more about the Slack integration.

Backup notifications and notification delays

You can set up backup notifications to any other contact in your company’s account, in case the primary contact is unavailable. You can also decide whether to send notifications to different contacts and using different channels, either simultaneously or after a delay (15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, or 5 minutes). For example, Jessica can be notified by email immediately and text message after 15 seconds. If she doesn’t respond within 1 minute, then the notification can be forwarded to Bob via email.

Checking out

If your corporate policy dictates, remind your visitors to check out with the iPad when your meeting is completed. Here are a few more how-tos and other resources:

We hope you find this brief guide helpful. If you have any questions please contact the support team at ipad visitor managent system software