The Front Office Digital Check-In Solution for the Aerospace Industry

The Complete Guide to Visitor Management for the Aerospace Industry
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Radically less turbulent visitor management.

When you’re accountable for every person who walks in and out of your facility, you can’t afford to let any details slip through the cracks. Using a digital check-in solution to handle and automate visitor management lets you focus more on the fundamentals of your business and less on routine administrative tasks.

That’s why The Receptionist for iPad is the ideal front desk solution for your aerospace facility. Our intuitive and customizable technology will easily automate check-in processes and simplify visitor management and help you remain compliant with industry regulations.


The Receptionist for iPad: Your Digital Sign-in System

The Receptionist for iPad is so much more than a basic digital receptionist. We are a flexible, scalable and easily configurable application that you can easily adapt to your facility’s requirements. Automate multiple daily check-in procedures and streamline visitor processes and manage your facility better with a complete digital record of who is coming and going.

Professional. Scalable. Secure.

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Learn how The Receptionist supports aerospace manufacturers like Mercer Aviation Group.

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Receptionist in a Box

Install The Receptionist for iPad on an existing iPad, or get The Receptionist in a Box, which includes an iPad, a floor or desk stand, and the software pre-installed — everything you need to start accepting visitors.

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