Seamless integrations between The Receptionist and everyday tools

Take your efficiency and productivity to a new level with instant, fluid connections with top-tier workplace tools. The Receptionist has built software integrations with your favorite software for a seamless workflow throughout your office or facility.

By integrating with the apps you use every day, The Receptionist puts the power of a truly advanced visitor management system in your hands, resulting in a seamless experience for your employees and your visitors.

  • Automatically sync employee contact records
  • Easily configured PowerShell templates for use with Active Directory or LDAP

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  • Automatically export signed visitor agreements to Dropbox
  • Advanced file destination capabilities
  • Intuitive foldering and naming conventions

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  • Automatically export signed visitor agreements to your Drive
  • Store documents utilizing a customized naming system
  • Advanced naming and records management

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  • Send visitor or delivery notifications to members of channels in Slack
  • Set unique reply options in Slack to quickly reply back to visitors
  • Set up Slack channels for multiple instant notifications

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  • Integrate with more than 1,500 apps, including Hubspot, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce
  • Send visitor data to multiple systems
  • Instruct Zapier to run only for specific instances

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  • Notify contacts when any visitors or deliveries arrive for them directly in Microsoft Teams
  • Send Quick Replies to visitors from the Teams portal
  • Sync your Teams contacts with The Receptionist

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Use our various integrations to tie into software like:


Focus on making personal connections with visitors and not on tasks that can be automated

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Install The Receptionist for iPad on an existing iPad, or get The Receptionist in a Box, which includes an iPad, a floor or desk stand, and the software pre-installed — everything you need to start accepting visitors.

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