The Receptionist's Story

We are a small, passionate group dedicated to improving your office operations and making your visitors’ experience the best it can be. We come from, and serve, a wide variety of enterprises, from start-ups to global corporations. We believe this range of experience makes us better as a team and helps us create a product that meets the needs of the many unique organizations we’re proud to count as our customers.

Our story started in 2013, when Brad Feld of the venture capital firm Foundry Group, mentioned to Ted Guggenheim, the president of text messaging app TextUs, that he needed a better way to check in visitors without interrupting everyone in the office. That year, The Receptionist for iPad was born under the name The iPad Receptionist.

The Receptionist became its own company in 2015, under the leadership of Andy Alsop, who remains our President and CEO.

The Receptionist for iPad is the original iPad-based visitor management system, and we’ve continued to innovate in the field of visitor management, introducing features like two-way communication and custom visitor button-based workflows. Because of this innovation, and our commitment to our customers, exemplified by our Radical Support philosophy, we continue to grow.

And we’re loving every minute of it.

Why We Exist

We exist to delight our customers. It’s really that simple. That’s why, if you call us, you’re just as likely to chat with our CEO or Director of Engineering as you are a member from our Support or Sales team. We believe that, by working together, we can create something truly awesome.

Customer input and feedback form the backbone of everything we do. In speaking with our customers, we’ve learned that what they want is a flexible visitor management system — one that can help them meet stringent safety, security, and compliance requirements while also providing an easy, intuitive user experience.

And that’s exactly what we work every day to achieve.

Organizations We Support

Colorado Restaurant Association Angel Relief Fund
Colorado State Forest Service
Colorado Inland Ocean Coalition
From the Heart Enterprises
Struggle of Love Foundation
SafeHouse Denver
Protect Our Winters
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Curls on the Block
Colorado Restaurant Association Angel Relief Fund