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Learn how The Receptionist for iPad streamlines your patient check-in process and frees your assistant from having to spend all day at the front desk.


Welcome patients to your clinic even when your assistant is away from the desk.

What do your patients do when your assistant is on break or out sick? Or do you share office space with other healthcare providers and not have a front desk assistant at all? With The Receptionist for iPad, you instantly receive a notification when a patient arrives and you can send back a message acknowledging their arrival and letting them know what to do next.

Some of the healthcare facilities using The Receptionist for iPad:

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Instant Notifications and Two-way Communication

Receive a notification via email, text, or Slack as soon as a patient arrives. You can also send a message back to the iPad to say you’ll be right there or letting them know it will be a few minutes.

Backup Notifications and Message Forwarding

Send backup notifications to your assistant if you can’t answer right away or forward the messages to the colleague filling in for you if you’re called away unexpectedly.

Private Check-In Process

Protect your patients’ privacy with a secure cloud-based visitor log.

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