Feature Update: Contactless Check-In

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced business leaders around the world to rethink how they welcome visitors through their doors.

As more businesses reopen, it is essential to minimize the risk of spreading any virus or disease through reduced contact opportunities. Keeping visitors and employees safe while they are in your workplace starts at check in. 

With this in mind, we are excited to introduce a Contactless Check-in option with the release of our newest version 4.5.

Our contactless feature allows your office visitors to check in using their mobile device, without needing to physically touch the iPad kiosk.

To begin, visitors will use their mobile device’s camera to scan a QR code displayed on the iPad screen, which will launch a browser to walk them through answering your questions.

Additionally, you can have your visitors start the process prior to arriving at your office by sending them a unique URL. They will then be able to answer your questions ahead of their scheduled visit.

Once all questions have been answered, your visitors will be given a unique QR code on their mobile device to present to the iPad’s camera to complete their check in to your facility and let the appropriate contact know that their visitor has arrived.

The initial release of our contactless feature includes the ability to have visitors sign agreements digitally as well print badges (if a printer is available) once a visitor has scanned their QR code to confirm their check-in.

Planned future updates include functionality to recognize returning visitors, take photos from the mobile device, search contacts, as well as other additional features.

Learn more about how to turn on contactless check-ins on our Support Portal.

This update is available to all customers running app version 4.5 or higher, at no additional charge.

If you have any questions, find us in our chat portal (that little orange icon in the bottom right of any of our website or account pages), give us a call at 888-315-5230, or email support@thereceptionist.com.

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