Feature Updates: Location Management

For companies with more than one location, building, or office, implementing the highest rated visitor management system in The Receptionist for iPad has been made easier than ever with the rollout of our location management functionality.

With The Receptionist for iPad’s location management capabilities, companies with multiple locations can manage all of their Receptionist for iPad configurations from one central hub.

A location is defined as a separate building or facility where an employee contact cannot physically be in two locations at the same time, or, where there is a need to run separate configurations of the software.

By enabling location management, which is available to all customers with more than one location, administrators and project owners can save time and effort in adding and managing their company’s multiple visitor management systems, and they gain global insights into and visibility of visitor stats.

This tool also allows administrators to assign location owners to each individual location configuration.

Key benefits of location management:

  • Assign account owner rights to specific locations while keeping global administrative management and control
  • Add new locations on the fly and format each location’s settings by applying either global or individual changes
  • Choose whether each location displays its own unique branding, buttons, and visitor fields, or if each location maintains uniform and consistent settings
  • Gain visibility into visitor traffic and statistics across all locations from a central dashboard

If you have any questions, find us in our chat portal (that little orange icon in the bottom right of any of our website or account pages), give us a call at 888-315-5230, or email support@thereceptionist.com.

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