Feature Updates: Visit Log Refresh

We’re excited to announce we’ve released an update to our Visit Log!

Among the changes:

  • A streamlined look and feel; giving you more of the information you need in a clean, visually appealing way.
  • The evacuation list is now its own button at the top-right corner of the Visit Log rather than hidden in a filter.
  • If you manually check-out visits from your log, we now track which user performed the check-out to increase audit tracking.
  • The ability to reprint a badge and/or view additional check-in details under the actions selection for each visitor

This update is live and active in our customers’ accounts.

If you have any questions, find us in our chat portal (that little orange icon in the bottom right of any of your account pages), give us a call at 888-315-5230, or emailĀ support@thereceptionist.com.

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